Financial Literacy

Welcome to the Financial Literacy page.

Here we will keep a record of our learning towards developing our Financial Capabilities.

Financial Capability Progressions.

Here are the progressions from level 1 (year 1-2) to level 8 (end of high school). We will be focusing on LEVEL 3 and some LEVEL 4.

financial capability progressions

Video Tutorials

1. How was money invented?

Covers the history of money including before money was invented. Bartering, the use of shells in China, coins as currency and then paper notes. Also what we use now and the future.

2. The invention of money and currency

Bartering, trading and the problems with this. The use of a precious resource that has a value -  gold, and the use of IOUs and places to store this wealth.

3. The essence of money

Good explanation of how people used to trade goods and services, the problem with using coins (because many people kept them and didn't use them to trade goods and services), and the invention of promissory notes - pieces of paper that had a value that you could use to buy other goods and services - the basis of modern money.

The essential purpose of money - guarantee the existence of enough purchasing power to purchase all goods and services in demand.

4. The problems of the barter system and the evolution of money

Goes into detail about the problems of the bartering system in history and the conditions that saw the introduction of money - firstly coins, then notes.


1. The new currency - due to be out in late 2015 . early 2016

2. Brighter -  website that explains the new currency

Amazing Website

Reserve Bank of NZ  thanks Harry!


Maths interchange

Workshop with Mr F:  Interest and inflation

ASB website
Westpac website
ANZ website

Interest rates for children's accounts

Basic explanation of interest


The tale of the TT2

What is inflation? Video 1

What is inflation? Video 2

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